DeGratia Group

30 successful years in Real Estate Investment, Construction and Management of single, multi-family and commercial projects.

Our expertise and understanding customer needs led to providing services beyond our own property portfolio to large and small investors, builders and developers seeking specialized solutions for their own investments and projects. 

Today, we offer a comprehensive suite of services from Real Estate Brokerage, Commercial Office Suite solutions, to short-term Flexible Office and Coworking Spaces. We look forward to working with you.

DeGratia Group is the management division of real estate investor and local business owner, David Dagenhart. Together with his team, Dagenhart has purchased, renovated and managed 150+ single family homes, 400 apartments and over $25M worth of commercial real estate. With this, DeGratia Group was formed to not only manage his own personal portfolio though to also share this experience to manage and help other investors.

DeGratia Group’s most successful investment model to date, is to purchase large office buildings and divide the spaces up into smaller offices and suites to lease on shorter terms. These facilities are now called DeGratia Office.

DeGratia Office spaces are similar to the popular coworking business model. The advantages of Dagenhart owning the building, however, provides the opportunity to go to market at a much lower rate than competitors in the market who lease their space, and then mark it up at a premium to cover their costs. Clients find they are able to rent larger offices and suites at, many times, less than half the price.

Fast, friendly and experts in their field – DeGratia Group is renowned throughout the state of Virginia. No job is too big or small; from purchasing, selling and managing properties, with the skill and expertise our clients have come to expect.

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We have perfected our services and honed our sourcing skills from building and managing hundreds of Single, Multi-Family and commercial properties to provide you with the same level of skill we apply to our own properties and investments.

Having owned and sold tens of millions of dollars worth of real estate investments, we know firsthand how to maximize cash flow to achieve the best return for your property at resale.

Think of us as your in-house investment experts.

If you are a large or small real estate investor or simply want to find a reliable and trustworthy source who understand every part of the process and provides you with a cost-effective solution, We are ready to serve you.


We are open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. Please call (804) 544-1230 to schedule an appointment.

Let's discuss your commercial property goals

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