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Unlike many other companies in the Realty business, we have been where you are, the customer, for a long time.

Born from a need to find and sell our own residential and commercial properties, our services are the direct result of not being able to find adequate providers for our own investment needs. So, we decided to change that.

Our real estate brokerage division, DeGratia Realty and specialized team, know first-hand, that you need the right industry expertise with exceptional customer service, delivered in a timely manner incorporating all levels of your investment experience.

DeGratia’s expert team can assist across all areas of your portfolio to ensure investment success. From finding the right property, advising on profit and income prior to making an offer, completing a project on time and on budget to management and maintenance advice – we are right by your side to assist through the complete process.

For the past 12 years, our lead broker, Michael Duncan, has developed and managed our personal portfolio while assisting other investors build their own healthy and successful Real Estate Portfolios.

Whether you are an investor in residential or commercial, selling, buying, buy and hold or flipping, we know every aspect of your specialized investment. Allow us to help you build and manage your portfolio, contact us today.

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